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Professional Debt Collection Services Brisbane

Our commission is based on a sliding scale, so the larger the debt, the less you pay upon collection.  We also offer customised rates for volume debts and debts over $20,000.

High Strike Rate – 70+%

Our long established Debt Recovery Services average is in excess of 70% recoverable success rate.


Because we care about your reputation as well as ours, we use methods that are effective but always ethical Credex reaches debt resolutions ethically.  We recover your debt using proven means and appropriate legal channels.

Customer focused

We are experts in recovering your money with the best chance of maintaining your customer relationships.  Your customer may have trouble paying now, but they could be a valuable customer in the future.  Credex is able to assist with Credit Management advice for our clients when required.  Always remember a customer is someone who has paid their bill.

Late Payers?  Non Payers?  Use Credex.


If you’ve already tried collecting a debt in the past, you probably know how difficult and time-consuming it can be.  Without the right resources, locating a missing debtor and recovering the outstanding debt is often an impossible task.  Credex is a division of Network Collections (Australia) Pty Ltd, a leading debt recovery specialist.  We have access to some of the most sophisticated personnel, technology and debt collection techniques available in Australia.  This means that we regularly succeed where others fail, and it’s why we are confident to offer our services to you.

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