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Medical Debts Recovered Fast

We have almost 3 decades of experience collecting medical debts, dental debts, specialists debts.  We act for over 500 doctors, dentists, specialists and clinics.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of the industry.

With a long history acting for medical clients, we understand the processes of dealing with Medicare, Health Funds and with patients.  We have shown we have a proven track record in resolving problems with debtors for medical practices.


We help you with the difficult credit related issues and handle the legal minefield for you.

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  •  Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
    Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
  •  Motor Repair Bills
    Motor Repair Bills
  •  Accountants Bills
    Accountants Bills
  •  Dental Bills
    Dental Bills
  •  Advertising Bills
    Advertising Bills
  •  Manufacturing Debts
    Manufacturing Debts
  •  Wholesale & Retail Debts
    Wholesale & Retail Debts
  •  Funeral Directors Bills
    Funeral Directors Bills
  •  Pest Control Bills
    Pest Control Bills
  •  Unpaid Rent
    Unpaid Rent
  •  Unpaid Judgements
    Unpaid Judgements
  •  Other Bills
    Other Bills