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Stop Wasting Your Time & Reduce YOUR STRESS – Let Us Chase You Debtors TODAY!

Running a business is often stressful enough without adding debt collection and management into the mix, so why not send your debts to us.

There is nothing to pay upfront and we can offer you excellent advice on minimising risk in the future, so submit your debt now and let us start the recovery process.  We are confident you will be more than pleased with the result.

So how do I start the process with Credex?  Please either fax a copy of the invoice together with debtor contact details to fax 07 3201 1253 or contact us though our online submission form.  Please feel free to call us on 1300 850098.


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  •  Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
    Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
  •  Motor Repair Bills
    Motor Repair Bills
  •  Accountants Bills
    Accountants Bills
  •  Dental Bills
    Dental Bills
  •  Advertising Bills
    Advertising Bills
  •  Manufacturing Debts
    Manufacturing Debts
  •  Wholesale & Retail Debts
    Wholesale & Retail Debts
  •  Funeral Directors Bills
    Funeral Directors Bills
  •  Pest Control Bills
    Pest Control Bills
  •  Unpaid Rent
    Unpaid Rent
  •  Unpaid Judgements
    Unpaid Judgements
  •  Other Bills
    Other Bills