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Results Based Debt Recovery Brisbane, since 1986.

Had enough with chasing bad debts? Contact Credex today and we will recover your debt… Guaranteed or NO COMMISSION!

We are confident we can provide you with a good result, which is why we work on a No Collection… NO COMISSION basis. There are no upfront fees. Our systems, procedures and staff training are designed to address the needs of our clients. We act on your written instructions in a timely manner and provide you with a professional approach and result.

Our Hassle Free Debt Collection Service

You’ve worked hard to generate your income. We’ll take the hassle out of recovering money owed to you. For prompt debt recovery call us today.

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  •  Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
    Apprenticeship Scheme Bills
  •  Motor Repair Bills
    Motor Repair Bills
  •  Accountants Bills
    Accountants Bills
  •  Dental Bills
    Dental Bills
  •  Advertising Bills
    Advertising Bills
  •  Manufacturing Debts
    Manufacturing Debts
  •  Wholesale & Retail Debts
    Wholesale & Retail Debts
  •  Funeral Directors Bills
    Funeral Directors Bills
  •  Pest Control Bills
    Pest Control Bills
  •  Unpaid Rent
    Unpaid Rent
  •  Unpaid Judgements
    Unpaid Judgements
  •  Other Bills
    Other Bills